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What we do

Transformation Right Down To The Bottom Line

We work to enhance the performance of any organization and enterprise by providing hands-on training and customized consulting.

We integrate Lean Methods, The Six Sigma Methodology and Quality Management Systems to ensure process improvement and improved profitability for the enterprise.


Years Experience

What we offer

Our Services

According to your necessities we provide the best solution:

Lean Six Sigma

Streamline processes, reduce waste with efficient Lean Six Sigma methodologies.

Leadership Development

Cultivate potential, empower growth with transformative leadership development programs.

Process Management

Optimize workflows, enhance efficiency through strategic oversight in process management.

Strategic Management

Guiding success through smart decisions and effective planning in management.

Business Operating System (BOS)

Efficiently manage and optimize business processes with advanced operating systems.


Elevate efficiency through targeted trainings on streamlined and optimized processes.



Master skills with concise, hands-on technical courses for career advancement

Strategic Business Coaching

Guiding success through personalized, strategic coaching for growth.









Meet the expert

Norma Simons / President

Performance Innovation LLC is a group of consultants who have been in the field of process management and performance improvement consulting and training for over 20 years. The team is led by Norma Simons, formally the president of Simons-White & Associates, who with her team has made significant contributions in training and consulting, enabling companies to achieve significant bottom-line results.

We specialize in hands-on implementation of process improvement initiatives by applying the concepts of lean, six sigma, industrial engineering and principles of leadership development. Our diverse team is able to integrate and customize improvement methods that enable the achievement of lasting business results. We serve automotive, aerospace, education, service, healthcare and other industries wishing to make the transition to enhance performance.

At Performance Innovation LLC, our team is committed to assisting our clients to successfully meet the economic and social challenges faced in the workplace.

Why Choose Us

Performance Innovation is based on the concept that we need to find new ways and ideas to enhance the performance of every organization and enterprise. We are now in an era where we are aware that
we constantly need to do more with less – people, time and budget.

Performance Innovation means that every enterprise must be engaged in:

• A compelling vision

• A methodology that outlines short term and long term goals

• A strong focus on processes

• A philosophy and methodology that drives continuous improvement

• Total employee involvement at all levels

• Methods for continually upgrading the skill level of employees


What They Say

Clients will always be the best recommendation:

We've been using the Business Operating System for several months now, and the results have been astounding. Our daily performance has improved in ways I never thought possible. The system has brought clarity and order to my chaotic work life. We've become more organized, and the level of control I have over my business has been a real confidence booster. If you're looking to supercharge your daily performance, I highly recommend their services

Kevin O.

Before getting our processes in place, we were constantly overwhelmed with the demands of my business. However, since implementing their solutions, our daily performance has skyrocketed. The system has simplified complex processes, allowing me to focus on what truly matters. My productivity has doubled, and I now have the time to strategize for growth. This has been a game-changer for me

Steve M.

I can't thank the team enough for introducing me to BOS. Our daily performance at work has taken a 180-degree turn. I used to struggle with juggling tasks and staying organized, but now, with their system, I'm more efficient than ever. It's like having a personal performance enhancer. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to elevate their daily operations

Laura P.

"I have had the pleasure of being both a student and a customer of Norma's over the years, primarily while at Aeroquip Corporation. Lots of people know material, many have lived the training content, but few have lived it, know it and can communicate it as clearly and succinctly as Norma. I strongly encourage anyone or any organization looking for training and development in virtually any problem solving or continuous improvement topic to contact Norma. Her knowledge, confidence and easy style combine to make her the consummate training and organizational development professional. Her value added contribution to your enterprise will be noticeable based upon measurable improvement in organizational performance."

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