About Us


Performance Innovation is based on the concept that we need to find new ways and ideas to enhance the performance of every organization and enterprise. We are now in an era where we are aware that we constantly need to do more with less – people, time and budget. Performance Innovation means that every enterprise must be engaged in:

• A compelling vision
• A methodology that outlines short term and long term goals
• A strong focus on processes
• A philosophy and methodology that drives continuous improvement
• Total employee involvement at all levels
• Methods for continually upgrading the skill level of employees.

At Performance Innovation, we believe in and are committed to helping companies achieve business objectives by integrating the following concepts:

Lean Six Sigma A philosophy that integrates the tools of Lean and Six Sigma to improve efficiency and enhance effectiveness in organizations.

Leadership Development A focus on preparing individuals for leadership roles in an environment that recognizes and supports the value of individual contributions.

Process Management Establishes systems that are based on defining, managing and improving processes at all levels to ensure optimum performance.

Strategic Management An approach that places emphasis on tools and techniques for executing the strategy and identifying and using performance measures.

Norma Simons


Performance Innovation LLC is a group of consultants who have been in the field of process management and performance improvement consulting and training for over 20 years. The team is led by Norma Simons, formally the president of Simons-White & Associates, who with her team has made significant contributions in training and consulting, enabling companies to achieve significant bottom-line results.
We specialize in hands-on implementation of process improvement initiatives by applying the concepts of lean, six sigma, industrial engineering and principles of leadership development. Our diverse team is able to integrate and customize improvement methods that enable the achievement of lasting business results. We serve automotive, aerospace, education, service, healthcare and other industries wishing to make the transition to enhance performance.
At Performance Innovation LLC, our team is committed to assisting our clients to successfully meet the economic and social challenges faced in the workplace.

Aboubacar Cissokho

Vice President of Business Development

Aboubacar Cissokho has a track record of successfully completed projects and operational improvement strategies, programs and systems in various organizations throughout the US and overseas in 5 different industries (financial services, steel, airlines, energy and automobile). For over 20 years, he has spear-headed transformational initiatives in the manufacturing and services in leadership positions at Fortune 500 companies such as General Motors, Ford Motor Company, United Airlines, and Discover Financial Services.
He is a proven expert in business transformations and project management. He holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and a dual master’s degree in business administration and engineering from the University of New Haven in Connecticut. He also holds a Lean Six Sigma Master Black-Belt from Villanova University and a PMP certification from the Project Management Institute.